SmartLane by AutoLoop

Bring your service lane to the next level. SmartLane is an easy-to-use application that ties directly into your AutoLoop customer database and puts the power of AutoBook scheduling right in your hands.

Time is Money, Save Time

Your service lane shouldn't be a bottleneck. With seamless and instant information available from SmartLane on your iPad, you can look up customers and vehicles blazingly fast right in the lane.

No more waiting, no more clipboards, no more going back to a computer!

Make Your Data Work Everywhere

Wherever you go, there's SmartLane. Vehicle history, declined repairs and service recommendations are at your fingertips.

With AutoLoop and SmartLane, you have everything you need to quickly and easily manage your check-in process and effectively advise your customers.

Enhance Customer Engagement
  • Impress your customers with an unforgettable curb-side experience.
  • Leverage the power of mobility with an unbeatable interactive consultation.
  • Establish a strong relationship with your customers by engaging them where it matters most - right at their vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to subscribe to a service?
Yes. SmartLane is meant to supplement AutoBook's users. For more information on AutoBook, please contact us.
What kind of device can I use SmartLane on?
SmartLane requires a WiFi-connected Apple iPad running iOS 6 or later.
How many iPad devices can I use in my service lane?
You can use as many iPad devices as is required. You should ensure you have sufficient WiFi coverage and available network speed to support the devices.
Are there minimum requirements to be able to use SmartLane in my dealership?
Yes, to find out more about these requirements please contact us.
Can this application integrate with my Dealership Management System?
SmartLane integrates with all the major DMS types and is adding more to that list all the time. Please contact us to find out if we can support yours.
Where can I download the app?
You can download SmartLane from Apple's App Store.
What do I do if I've forgotten my Username, Password or Dealership ID?
Please contact us to retrieve or reset your login information.
I can't use the app in some parts of my shop.
SmartLane takes advantage of real-time data, so a constant internet connection is required. Speak with your IT department for solutions on improving your Wi-Fi coverage.
I'm having trouble scanning VINs.
Be sure that your iPad's camera is unobstructed, and that the VIN barcode is undamaged and well lit.
How do I refresh my appointment ledger screen to reflect recent changes that have occurred?
Press and hold near the uppermost portion of the appointment ledger screen and drag your finger downwards. This will force the appointment list to refresh its available content.
The customer has changed his/her contact info. How do I update it?
SmartLane allows you to easily update your customer's contact information on the Customer Details screen. Simply tap the uppermost content area where the customer's name, address and telephone numbers are listed.
What's the difference between Customer Comments and Advisor Comments?
Customer Comments are notes made by the customer directly, whether they're in the lane or using AutoLoop's online appointment scheduler. (e.g., "My car is making a funny sound when I turn right.") Advisor Comments are notes meant for internal dealership use only that are not seen by the customer. (i.e. "Customer hates it when you adjust his mirrors.")
How do I update an old Repair Order?
Sorry, SmartLane is not made to manage repair orders that are already opened.
How do I remove a damage indicator from the Walkaround?
Simply drag the damage indicator from where it is over the vehicle and into the trash can along the left.
Does SmartLane create a Repair Order in my DMS?
No, SmartLane integrates through appointments and updates them rapidly within the DMS allowing you to complete the Repair Order created within the DMS.
Does SmartLane only work with customers that have an appointment?
No. SmartLane is fully integrated with your DMS and allows you to search through all your customers.
Why are the photos from walkarounds blurry or black?
Be sure that your iPad's camera is unobstructed and that your work area is well lit.
How many people in my dealership can use SmartLane?
As many as you need! You will just need to have a device for each user and we will create an individual username and password for each of them.
How do I add more items to my inspection checklist?
AutoBook allows you to configure as many custom inspection items as you want. Simply contact us and we'll give you a hand.
Does SmartLane recommend service based on my factory service plans?
Yes! SmartLane contains OEM service plans for all major Makes and you have the ability to control the pricing based on your settings within AutoBook.
Will any damage items and inspection results captured in SmartLane be visible to me in AutoBook?
Yes! You will be able to see inspection results and damage within AutoBook for any customer that has had an inspection performed.
How many custom services can I add while in the lane?
As many as you want! Simply tap a Generic Service along the left and edit it in the Select Services area.
Can I view the walkaround photos I took on the Signature page?
Yes. Simply tap the blue camera icon next to the damage summary.
Can I make changes after the customer has Approved and signed?
Yes. Simply make the changes you need and return the Signature screen to get a new approval from the customer.
How long will it take before my check-in shows up in AutoBook?
Appointments in AutoBook are updated nearly instantaneously.


For questions or concerns that weren't answered in the FAQ, please email or call us at (877) 850-2010